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u.s. troops in 2011 has resulted in the research of al qaeda, increasing the violence and growing caribbean influence. the picture of iraq looks increasingly violent. obamahanistan, president is making the same mistakes based on arbitrary time lines and without a finding the underlining the objectives strategy and mission. in my office last week, we discussed the need to have capability to support the afghan security forces and counter- terrorism efforts. when making decisions about our mission, the president should listen more to the professional military commanders on the front lines and less to the political advisers in the west wing. this committee was told he recommends possibly 20,000 troops remain in afghanistan after 2014. that would be about 13,600 u.s. troops, about half that many international forces. our commander tells us the mission should be to continue counter-terrorism efforts and train and it finds afghan security forces. for those missions across the whole afghanistan, 8000 to 12,000 troops is an unreasonable target. the fact that this administration has in zero
members of the homeland security committee say this looks like the mark of al qaeda. we have brand-new details in the f.b.i.'s investigation. first let's go downtown in boston. >> the sun is just beginning to rise over the city of boston, a much different city, a quiet city this morning, almost eerie to see boylston street behind me and this morning it still looks like a marathon happened here yesterday. streets are still a mess, papers are everywhere. that area is in lockdown. the business district not reopening today. that remains a crime scene as a terrorist investigation continues right now here on the streets of boston. this event happened just a little bit before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. that's when really the height of the marathon, the elite runners had long since finished about two hours earlier. so the people that were crossing the finish line were many of them charity runners, were here to raise money for leukemia, for the liver foundation, for all the various things that people raise money for in the course of the 26 miles, plus they're running. as they were crossing t
that were created first in the mid- 1990's. since then there has been a contingent of al qaeda-style jihadi groups and individuals fighting in the chechen insurgency. responsible for some really spectacular attacks into russia primarily. there's currently no reason to suggest there is a hard linc. host: one of the questions is, how you define terrorism? center claire mccaskill from missouri pose that question to homeland security secretary janet napolitano. >> based on the evidence at this point, is there any difference between sandy hook and boston, other than the choice of weapons? in terms of intent for death and destruction and injury, no. methodology, guess. we don't know the motivation certainly behind boston. we don't know whether was domestic, international -- >> or if it was identical to the motivation in sandy hook. >> we just don't know the answer. i think it is impossible for me to sit at the table today and say they are identical, except in the effect of impact. >> as i look at the evidence that is available, you have mass destruction and violence and andghter of innocents, nei
of collaboration with al qaeda, al qaeda affiliates. this is a continuing concern. again, we're not saying that it was a foreign terrorist group. but this is the backdrop, again, which the fbi is working on this situation right now. john? >> all right. barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you. >>> coming up, there is still so many questions this morning in the aftermath of yesterday's attack here at the boston marathon. we will continue to bring you the latest information as it comes in. you are watching a special edition of "early start." stay with us. the one thing that 99 percent of investors can expect to find in their portfolio, is unexpected risk. bny mellon has the vision and experience to help. we look at the full picture... to uncover risk, find opportunities, and create a plan that's best suited for you. bny mellon. before i do any projects on on my at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. olay ultra moisture body wash can
an al qaeda or al qaeda affiliated attack. >> reporter: so far there are no suspects, though officials are tracking multiple persons of interest, including a young man of middle eastern descent being treated at a local hospital. >> we're okay. we're okay. >> reporter: at the white house president obama urged against a rush to judgment not using the word "terrorism," but he vowed justice for those responsible. >> make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: now cities across the country remain on high alert this morning for other possible attacks. officials advise, if you see something, say something, but they say the best advice is to keep living out your life. john and diana. >> all right, devin, always good advice. thank you from washington this morning for us. and devin just touched on this. big cities across the nation almost immediately went on high alert following the attack. >> here in new york there wa
blast when the responders arrived to cause maximum amount of injury. it is a hallmark of al qaeda. >> i don't think we should underplay, underestimate -- everyone is saying this is really crude. usually someone as organized as quite, it's a bit more sophisticated than this. usually home grown terrorists are crude in this manner. >> as we said, lots of questions, not too many answers. when we come back we will go to the scene of the hospital for the latest news on the bombing and its victims. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. rea
that would be the via passenger trains here in canada. but they also say this had a link to al qaeda from iran, something we have not heard before in connection with terrorist cells. take a listen. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located in iran. now, i can tell you that there is no information to indicate that these attacks were state-sponsored. >> the suspects will appear in court tuesday morning. police say that they believe this was a real threat, but not an imminent threat. they want to be clear this had no connection to the boston bombings, but also at no time was the public in danger. they say this because they allowed many elements telephone plot to carry out at the same time wire-tapping phones and computers and homes and addresses to be able to listen in and gather more evidence. they do say that the threat was not imminent at all, but that it was a real threat, a real threat to perhaps even derail or target a train from canada into the united states. paula newton, cnn, ottawa. >> iran denies all allegations that al qaeda is operating inside its
possibly of a foreign terrorist that has carried out attacks in war zones or in potential al qaeda attacks? does it match the signature of a home grown terrorist? these are the kinds of things they're starting to look at. we know that from the expertise that they've all assembled. it may take some time but this is what they're going to focus on at least in the coming days. john? >> reporter: you know, it sounds cliche, barbara, but no detail is too small because you don't know where that break might come from. we should also say there's news from pakistan this morning with the taliban. what's the taliban saying about this right now? >> exactly right. you know, this is the other thing we're going to going to look at. the pakistani taliban is claiming they didn't do t. let me read you a brief part of the statement that they put out. quote, wherever we find americans we will kill them, but we don't have any connection with the boston explosions. that coming from the ttp, the so-called pakistani taliban. what's so interesting about this is this group claims responsibility for the failed 2010 f
bulletin two months later it is also a tactic associated with al qaeda in yemen and it's online propaganda for potential recruits. >> pressure cookers can be obtained here relatively easily and without usually raising much alarm in people's eyes. i don't think that you can necessarily say that because it was a pressure cooker, therefore, someone from that region is a person that's responsible. >> while the pakistani taliban, the group that trained times square fighter al shah bad quickly denied involvement in the attack. investigators have reached no conclusions about domestic or foreign connection. >> our investigation will not be confined very likely to the city limits of boston. we will go to the ends of the earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this. >> fox news has told the fbi is scanning cell phone tower records for a, quote, moment of detective ton nation. adding a positive hit could allow investigators to trace a phone number and suspect. an investigative source expressed frustration that no chatter or signals intelligence pointing to a group or individ
. >> charlie: two points. one of the groups has already said that it has a relationship with al qaeda. >> yes, it has. charlie: secondly, does this mean that we should have done more earlier when there was a more domination of moderate groups and before some of the more radical groups came in to syria? >> you know, i don't think it's that productive to reajude ict the past. i think the options are what they are going forward. again i think in addition to watching what happens with these extremists we have to keep as the president has rightly said a very close focus on the chemical weapons arsenals and making sure that that those don't fall into the wrong hands. >> charlie: what will we do if they look like they're going to fall into the wrong hands? >> i think there's a lot of thinking and planning going on with regard to that inside the u.s. government. and, you know, i think that would... i would hope that that would cause us to provide some additional forms of support to the rebels that are more moderate that we believe are the core of a post assad syrian government to enable them to be ef
would anagagize to the atlantic olympic bombing or is it something that could be linked to al qaeda and people overseas who might have anger at the united states over international affair snz we just don't know and i think that's why you see this now, clear statement of yes, it was terror. any time a bomb is set off, as the president said, its going to be an act of terror. newtown was ant act of terror but not like this and there's a real screen on both the president from a political point of view but also law enforcement to try to find out exactly what is the root cause of the bombing that took place yesterday. dagen: what about the readiness and preparedness of his new intelligence team? connell mentioned as did the president lisa monaco. what will they face in the coming days, juan? >> well, lisa monaco i think will be the focus. she was in the first picture released from the white house yesterday, dagen, along with the new chief of staff there. now, the president has people that he knows and trusts very closely over at c.i.a. bren nan went to the c.i.a. and at f.b.i. you have di
constant. with al qaeda franchises continuing to grow. mr. secretary, our plate is full and we look forward to working to advance our nation's interests regarding koran, we can't be moving fast enough to increase the economic pressure on the iranian revolution regime. the ranking member and i have introduced legislation to do just that. the administration will see the need to send the strongest signal that a ran -- that iran's drive to have nuclear weapons will be stopped. with north korea, we need to be imposing crippling financial sanctions on this increasingly illiterate regime. in 2005, the treasury department was allowed to counter north korea's illicit activities. a counter those activities because it was discovered that north korea was counterfeiting u.s. $100 bills and drug running and was involved in weapons sales. --t tracactic genetically to curtailed their access to do currency division needed for its nuclear and missile programs. those programs increasingly threaten us. we must get back to that policy. isobust human rights policy especially critical in the case of north korea.
, the al qaeda linked groups that have been talking about this, no one is claiming responsibilities. they're just trading photos and clips. usually if there's an kraed related attack, someone is going to claim it quite quickly. >> james, thanks for that. >> now, let's check in on markets which did take a leg lower yesterday after the boston bombings, but there were plenty of other things going on, as well. global growth concerns, for example, we're not seeing that much of a rebound shaping up across europe today, but the dow jones futures are trying to add something in the range of 50 points at the open. nasdaq and s&p pointed towards a similar rebound. we're not seeing it play out across crude oil and european markets which are deeply -- i should say broadly in the red if not deally. the ibex paring its losses. >> meanwhile, north korea has issued fresh threats concerning the standoff over its nuclear program. jim maseda joins us now from seoul. jim, just run us through the latest. >> hi, ross. first of all, a little bit of i think interesting perspective here. my colleague, richard engl
to defeat al qaeda. we are rebalancing to the asia pacific and adapting our force posture to a new normal of combustible violence in north africa and the middle east and we are working with others to keep syria's conflict from destabilizing the entire region. we are prepared with options should military force be called upon and assuming that it can be used effectively to secure interests without making matters worse. we must be ready for options of a future that we have not yet identified. this budget was purpose-built to keep the nation immune from coercion. it aims to restore our versatility to a more affordable joint force in support of our defense strategy. but let me be clear about what this budget does not do. this budget does not reflect the full sequestration amount. it does impose less reduction and give us more time. however, uncertainty persists about what the top line will be in this or any other budget. nor does it include funds to restore lost readiness. we don't know what the full impact of this year's challenges has had on our readiness. we are accumulating the information
all domestic people, but yet they obviously had a foreign affiliation. al qaeda realizes it's very difficult for them to get people in the country. they have been using people already here. we also have people self-motivated over the internet. they become self-radicalized or could be someone from a white supremacist group. they, again, entirely domestic or it could be a combination of the two, as said, with islamic jihadist, both domestic and having a foreign connection. all of this is being looked at, but certainly between now and 9/11, now, people know exactly what to do. there is a protocol in place, what measures to take, and move quickly and effectively and work very well together. totalsynchronization. >> we don't know who did this. we suspect we will know at some point. peter king, congressman peter king, thank you for sharing your expertise with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> ahead on "starting point" we continue to follow this unfolding investigation of this terror attack in boston, we are tracking other developing stories. we'll talk about how the stock markets ar
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)